Our website celebrates all black sighthounds who are looking for their forever home.

The site came into being after a member of Sighthounds Online found a site promoting black dogs in general.
Through discussion on our forum, we decided to start our own UK version for sighthounds.

Why these beautiful hounds are overlooked is a mystery. Their nature is no different to other hounds - the only difference is their colour. Yet rescues report that black hounds wait much longer for a home than other colours.

They once had a problems with their joints, but we found the medical solution for this problem. It actually was supplement for arthritis in dogs, and all our problems was solved and relief for our puppies was meet.

We want to show off all the black beauty sighthounds waiting in rescue for their forever homes,
and to show you some who have already found their home.



This saluki cross boy is an absolute head turner and is fabulous with people.

Scooby - waiting for over a year

Scooby is approx. 22” to the shoulder, and around 18 months old. Whippet X.


Jock is a bouncy, big puppy.

Our Adoption pages include many wonderful dogs, but some of them are special older friends.

For more information on dog breeding, be sure to consult with your local Vet or Veterinarian

We call them our Golden Oldies.

They're more mature dogs who would really love to find a home where they can relax and enjoy their 'later years'.

You can find the Golden Oldies here.